"The Seven Tool Catching Clinic surpassed all of my expectations. First, my son had a great time and came away from this experience better then when he entered. He learned a great deal about the art of catching and wanted the clinic to continue. Watching him practice at home on the drills that were covered that week was great. Anytime you can keep a kid off iPads and Fortnight is well worth it! Second, the instructors were beyond great. You can tell they cared and really wanted to see every boy improve. In addition, I appreciated that fact that they did not treat the boys like wallflowers. They were tough when they needed to be to ensure the boys were learning, and not just spending time on a Sunday running around. They were also encouraging and kept the boys motivated and moving. One of the big take aways (besides the catching) was the fact my son now always takes a knee when his baseball coach speaks to the team and he looks him right in the eye. I know this seems like a small thing, but seeing other boys his age sitting on the floor or not remaining and looking everywhere, it is a real differentiator – and this is something the coaches taught on the very first day of the clinic. Third, it was very structured. You can tell a lot of thought went into each session and there was a goal in mind. It was not aimlessly thrown together. My son already asked when he could do the Seven Tool Catching Clinic again. Seven Tool Catching's program was great and my son got so much out of it."
- Michael Clark