Indoor training can show some things, but far from it all. Our Rover Program consists of a Seven Tool Certified Instructor coming down to a players game un-announced and providing a full written report (See sample report below) and in game video analysis of the players performance. Showing up un-announced gets the player accustom to the feeling of someone there watching them so when it comes time that college coaches and professional scouts come, the player can better mentally handle their in game performance. The written report and video analysis is shown immediately following the game to the player providing instant constructive criticism to help improve the catchers baseball IQ and mechanical body awareness.

Recommended for ages 13u and up. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE

Single Game Evaluation
Price: $225

Email to see if this program works for you. Please provide your upcoming schedule.

Success Stories
"My son got more than I expected after enrolling him into the Rover Program! Charles is a great motivator and my son really responded to him well. He picked up a lot of things that needed improvement and my son has excelled because of it. I highly recommend this program for all catchers!" -Mike Zeis

"Using Seven Tool Catching's Rover Program has greatly improved the development of my sons catching. I would highly recommend this program for all catchers." -Chris Kramer 
"The Rover Program is absolutely outstanding!  Having Charles observe and evaluate live game action is incredibly effective. The post-game meeting allows for immediate feed-back, while his in game notes and videos are valuable resources for ongoing development and training. The program also provides practical insight into how a prospective coach or scout would perceive the player’s performance." -Robert Limerick
"I've had the pleasure of seeing Charles work with our catcher. I am amazed by the attention to detail that Charles puts into his work. I have seen major improvement in our catcher's skills, baseball IQ, body language and character since he has worked with Charles. If you're a catcher, you won't find a better trainer and person to get you to the next level." -Jim Desmond / JV Coach at Commack HS
Sample Evaluation Report