Seven Tool Catching was founded by Charles Galiano with the intent of inspiring and propelling young catchers to their full potential by developing a mentor like relationship with each and every catcher, followed by top of the line professional instruction. We take serious pride in maximizing each catchers potential and helping get them to their desired level of play. Our name, Seven Tool Catching, comes from a brief interaction Charles had in the minor leagues that stuck and still holds true. While on deck, there was some chatter about how an opposing player was a five tool player. A coach interrupted and said, "There are seven tools in baseball, not five." Charles went on to inquire what six and seven were and the coaches response was, "Balls and heart." We hold that true core belief that there are seven tools in baseball, not five; Hit for power, hit for average, fielding ability, arm strength, speed, BALLS and HEART. Every real catcher knows that the last two are quite possibly the most important when being a catcher. Our end goal is to develop highly trained, mentally and physically strong leaders on and off the field with our highly trained staff.