This program will be an intense, high energy 12 week pro style progression developed by our very own Seven Tool trainers. It will be a mix of strategically picked training techniques from multiple different MLB organizations, creating a top of the line progression that will translate to strong on field performance. This program is perfect for any level catcher as it will cover in depth all fundamentals, and progress. 

DEVELOP & COMPETE with and against the BEST catchers on the Island. Catchers will compete in many key aspects of receiving, blocking, throwing, strength, and flexibility all winter long!


- Receiving
- Blocking
- Throwing
- Footwork
- Transfers
- Plays at the Plate
- Double Plays
- Leadership Skills
- Passed Ball Recovery
- Pitch Calling
- Pitcher Catcher Relationship
- Umpire Catcher Relationship

The program will include a SHOWCASE where we invite D2, D3, JUCO, NAIA, and Professional scouts to scout our group of catchers. Our program has been a hot spot for feeding local collegiate programs with their future backstops!

This program will also include a Pitchers Day where the top local High School, College, and Pro pitchers will come down to throw LIVE BULLPENS to our catchers so they can first hand see what it is like to handle some of the best arms around!

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12 Sessions

Location: The Sports Arena in St. James
Time: 10am - 12pm
Dates: 12/3 - 3/10 (Sundays)
Cost: $1,150 ($600 Down, $275 Due Week 2 & 4)

*Program T-Shirt Included*


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